By Clicking “I AGREE” And by Completing the Online Membership Application I Agree to Be Bound by These Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions Set Out the Basis on Which a Member May Participate in The OOHCUTI  Dream trips

Travel Club Program at The Level of Benefits Selected and Use His or Her OOHCUTI Dream trips Membership. The

Following Provisions Govern the Ownership .


DEFINITIONS: The Following Terms When Used Herein Shall Have the Following Meanings;

“AFFILIATE” Means: A Third Party with Whom OOHCUTI  Has Entered into A Contract Wherein the Third Party Provides

Benefits To Members of The Closed-User Group Program Operated by OOHCUTI .

“Benefits” Means: Access to The Various Special Promotion and Services Made Available to Members,

Which Benefits Shall Be as Published on The Dream trips Website. Benefits May Vary by Level of Membership Selected.

Benefits May Include Travel , Special Offers,  OOHCUTI Shall in Its Sole Discretion Offer from Time to Time.

“Initial Membership Fee” Means: The One-Time Payment Due on Application to Become a member.

“Member” Means: A Person Who Has Been Accepted by OOHCUTI  As a Member and Who Has Paid the Initial

Membership . A Person Immediately Ceases to Be CANCELLED They Allocate Privilege by OOHCUTI The Company Shall Not be Responsible of Any Refunding.

“Membership” Means: Participation in The Closed-User Group Which Entitles the Member to Access All of The

Benefits Offered from Time to Time by OOHCUTI Through the Membership Program.

“Membership Application” Means: This Paper Membership Application Form and Application Process. .

“Membership Level” Means: The Level of Benefits Selected by The OOHCUTI Member.

“Web Site” Means: The OOHCUTI C Website, https://oohcuti.com/ or Sub Domains of That Web Site and Any Other Web

Sites Including Subdomains Through Which OOHCUTI  May Offer Access to Program Benefits from Time to Time.

OOHCUTI Or We” Means: OOHCUTI Marketing, LRC, (LOCAL REGISTERED COMPANY) A Limited Liability Company Registered in MALAYSIA .

For The Purpose of These Terms and Conditions We May Refer to OOHCUTI Dream trips Gold, Dream trips Platinum Or

Dream trips Titanium Memberships Collectively and In the Alternative as the “Program.”

  • To Become a Member of The Program You Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older and Reside in MALAYSIA .
  • OOHCUTI May Refuse to Accept Any Membership Application in Its Sole Discretion.
  • Membership in The Program Becomes Effective Only When the Membership Application Is Accepted by OOHCUTI ,
  • The Initial Membership Fee and The First Membership Fee Is Paid and Received by OOHCUTI , And on Your
  • First Visit to The Web Site You Have Accepted the Terms and Conditions of Membership.
  • Continued Membership Is at All Times After Acceptance Conditional Upon Payment by You of The OOHCUTI
  • If Paying by Credit or With Debit Card You Hereby Certify That the Credit or Debit Card Or
  • E Wallet Account Used to Make Payment Is Held in Your Name or That You Are an Authorized User of The Card or Account.
  • You Hereby Authorize OOHCUTI To Charge Your Credit or Debit Card or E wallet Accounts Identified in Your Application,
  • Or Advised to OOHCUTI From Time to Time, With the Initial Membership Fee . You
  • Confirm That You Understand and Agree That the Transaction Contemplated by This Consists of The Initial Membership Fee in Accordance with These Terms and Conditions.
  • Your Membership Shall Remain in Effect Until (I) Terminated by You by Sending, In Writing, Notice of Cancellation of Your Membership to OOHCUTI C By Certified Mail To ……………………..

Membership To You by Certified Mail at The Address Held on File by OOHCUTI  For You or By Email to The Email Address

Held On File for You at The Date of The Notice. (Notice To OOHCUTI  Must Include Your Signature, Printed Name, Address, And Member Identification Number).

Your Membership Will Also Be Terminated with Immediate Effect  If Any of The Information Provided by You Only.